Retained search: Staffing market research jobs

Retained Search to Staff Market Research Jobs with Quality Professionals

A retained search involves the use of a dedicated team of staffing professionals to locate the precise candidate for your position. Using this staffing approach, a substantial amount of time and recruiter resources are dedicated, generally up-front, to fill the position.

Unlike contingency searches, retained searches involve an initial payment to begin the process, with additional payments due upon meeting specified goals and staffing the position with the right candidate.

Typically, Reeve & Associates is engaged with a retained search to fill management or senior level positions when the talent pool is small or the staffing initiative is confidential.

Retained searches proactively identify and screen candidates -- the majority who are already employed.

Retained searches are ideal for:

  • CEO, COO, CRO, and other "C" Level Executives
  • General Managers
  • Vice Presidents (particularly of Sales)
  • Highly seasoned professionals possessing specific skillsets and experiences

Contact us to discuss your requirements, and to determine if a retained search is right for you.