Our hiring solutions help organizations find great marketing professionals

Solutions to Quickly and Affordably Hire the Best Marketing Talent

  • Marketing is the creative center of most companies responsible for innovation, product/service development and refinement, and clear communications -- all to meet the needs and expectations of the customer. More than any other functional area, the skills of marketing professionals are diverse and highly specialized.

    Our hiring solutions can target a wide array of marketing titles, including but not limited to:

    • Strategy
    • Brand Management
    • Advertising
    • Media / Public Relations
    • Communications
    • Product Design and Development
    • UX Design
    • Digital and Social Media
    • Customer Retention

    Focus upon Employed Marketing Professionals

    Marketing professionals rarely have the time to respond to job ads. So, we define the desired characteristics and target companies putting our AI tools to work -- gathering detailed information so the best potential candidates for the job can be identified.

    Contact Using Multiple Channels

    Our hiring solutions then patiently reach out to the most qualified marketing professionals -- strategically using email, TXT, telephone and video job descriptions to generate awareness of your company and career opportunity.

    Gauge True Interest

    Our hiring solutions help gauge the true interest of targeted marketing professionals -- understanding personal motivations, the appetite for change, area of expertise, and depth of passion. The best candidates will be presented to you with a priority communication allowing you to gauge your interest and to commence the assessment process.

    Provide Process Guidance

    As the process progresses from an introductory telephone discussion to in-person interviews and ultimately an accepted offer, we are available to help obtain feedback from candidates and provide support to help "close the deal."

    Please contact us to discuss how you can hire the best candidates in two months or less while saving tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Marketing Case Study: Director of Product Marketing

    A software company was searching for a Director of Product Marketing to manage a team of 25 marketing professionals to develop and implement a go-to-market strategy for a new offering.

    Given the hands-on leadership requirements and the necessary experience interpreting customer needs and working with specific technologies, the company engaged Reeve & Associates' Budget Staffing solution to target ideal candidates.

    Over a two-month period, nearly 2,500 professionals with the required complex skills were identified and contacted, with Reeve & Associates holding discussions with more than 200. Ultimately, 12 interviews were conducted by the hiring manager resulting in one offer that was immediately and enthusiastically accepted. In total the process took just under three months.

    "Our needs were highly specific, and no other organization was successful. We were impressed that the Budget Staffing solution identified a dozen great candidates," said the hiring manager. "But we were more than pleasantly surprised that we found our ideal candidate for just $11,250 -- saving us $35,000 compared to a traditional contingency approach."

    "The Budget Staffing solution did the impossible. It helped us find our ideal marketing professional in record time while saving us money."