Budget Staffing: saving you time and money

Budget Staffing Case Study:

Vice President

A growing firm with offices in Europe, Asia, North and South America sought a Vice President to help fuel their growth within the healthcare industry.

Responsible for client development, the ideal candidate was required to possess a rare blend of "hard" technical and "soft" people skills crafted over a decade serving healthcare clients. Having explored traditional hiring options, the firm turned to Reeve & Associates' Budget Staffing solution to quickly fill the position with a qualified industry veteran.

"The hiring solutions by Reeve & Associates change how we think about staffing every role in our company"

— Hiring Manager

Within one month, the Budget Staffing solution identified and contacted 475 qualified, currently employed professionals -- with Reeve & Associates having conversations with more than 100. Through the process, 14 candidates were presented to the hiring manager and nine were interviewed. Within 37 days from initiating the process, an offer was extended and accepted less than one week later.

"We were shocked and delighted at the speed of the process -- but even more impressed with the quality of the presented candidates," said the hiring manager.

"The cherry on top was the savings of $33,750 using Budget Recruiting as we only paid $7,500 rather than 25% of the Vice President's first year's salary."

"With Budget Staffing, we now think about hiring in a completely different manner."

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