Budget Staffing: saving you time and money

Budget Staffing Case Study:

Director of Product Marketing

A software company was searching for a Director of Product Marketing to manage a team of 25 marketing professionals to develop and implement a go-to-market strategy for a new offering.

Given the hands-on leadership requirements and the necessary experience interpreting customer needs and working with specific technologies, the company engaged Reeve & Associates' Budget Staffing solution to target ideal candidates.

"The speed and affordability of Budget Staffing is impressive, and we will definitely use it again!"

— Hiring Manager

Over a two-month period, nearly 2,500 professionals with the required complex skills were identified and contacted, with Reeve & Associates holding discussions with more than 200. Ultimately, 12 interviews were conducted by the hiring manager resulting in one offer that was immediately and enthusiastically accepted. In total the process took just under three months.

"Our needs were highly specific, and no other organization was successful. We were impressed that the Budget Staffing solution identified a dozen great candidates," said the hiring manager. "But we were more than pleasantly surprised that we found our ideal candidate for just $11,250 -- saving us $35,000 compared to a traditional contingency approach."

"The Budget Staffing solution did the impossible. It helped us find our ideal marketing professional in record time while saving us money."

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