Breakthrough AI Hiring Solution

Breakthrough AI Hiring solution

Finding quality professionals in today's market is challenging. That's why we've launched our breakthrough AI Hiring solution.

In development for more than two years and proven through hundreds of successful hires, our AI Hiring solution is ideal for Human Resources, Talent professionals and hiring managers.

Automated Process

The process begins with your job description, and then our AI system takes it from there, which:

  1. Generates a targeted list of qualified, passive professionals.
  2. Obtains their contact information.
  3. Engages the targeted professionals via email, video, TXT, messaging and phone.
  4. Sends you a special email highlighting the best professionals you should interview.
AI Hiring Solution

Hyper Targeting

Our AI Hiring solution is unique as it only requires a few days to develop a list of targeted professionals, and it keeps improving based upon those you choose to interview.

Throughout the process, you can view the list of professionals targeted for your job via our web portal.


Our AI Hiring solution is easily funded by reallocating your current job posting and promotional spend -- resulting in no additional cost to you.

Timing and Savings

With most clients extending an offer within two months, they save anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000 per hire. Importantly, our AI solution eliminates the time and frustration associated with traditional job posting and resume screening methods.

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Let our AI Hiring solution help you fill your next open position. You'll be amazed how technology can transform how quickly and affordably you can hire the best candidates.

Please contact us to discuss our breakthrough AI Hiring solution.